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Your life represents a field of grass, while each blade of grass symbolizes an area of your life. When you nourish and nurture grass, it grows and expands. The same can be said about your life. When you have clarity about what fulfills you, create a plan, and take necessary action steps, you will see growth and expansion in multiple areas of your enriched life.

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My services are for people who are wanting to take that first step of many to enhance one or more aspects of their life. I will offer you a personalized experience to help identify and create your ideal life or profession. Whether you’re seeking growth and expansion in your Personal Life, Career, Finances, or Business, I can help. [ View more Services ]



Do you desire growth in your Personal life, Career, Finances, or Business? Let’s go!

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Meet Shaunté McCullum, CLC

I’m Shaunté McCullum, Enrichment Coach, and owner of Enrichment Unlimited. I am also owner and CEO of Endearment Unlimited, a Home Care Agency. I am a Certified Life Coach with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral and Social Science.

I first discovered my passion for people in 2013 while working as a Direct Support Professional for adults and seniors with cognitive and physical disabilities. From there I held various supervisor roles in the field until the start of my first business, Endearment Unlimited, in 2018.

Endearment Unlimited is a Certified Personal Care Agency that provides in-home care to people with disabilities and elder care. My past professional experiences, knowledge, and love for the Long-Term Care field inspired me to strive for more while my faith in God gave me the courage to take that next step as a business owner.

In 2021 I discovered another passion, helping others to enhance their lives through life coaching and consulting. This passion led to my Life Coach Certification and the start of Enrichment Unlimited.

As an entrepreneur and Individual, I am constantly identifying new ways and areas that I can grow and expand, and I invite you to do the same!

My services are person-specific to help enhance any aspect of your life. As your Enrichment Coach, I am dedicated to journeying with you as you take action to grow and expand your quality of life. You will receive guidance with achieving your accomplishments. As a result, you will experience a more self-fulfilled life.

Shaunté McCullum

Let’s Get Started

I’m excited to be a part of your journey! See which among my coaching and consulting packages fit your needs and goals.

Free Complimentary Session:

  • Brief Introductions
  • Q & A
  • Pricing
  • Setting Expectations
  • Discussing the Next Steps

Monthly Sessions:

  • 90-Minute (1 ½ Hour) Discovery Session
  • 1 ½ Hour (30- or 45-Minute Sessions) of Coaching per Month

Professional Discovery Package:

  • Short-Term Career or Business Coaching
  • 4.5 Hours of Coaching
  • Get Clear on Skills & Interests
  • Discover New Possibilities for Fulfillment in Your Career or Business

The Growth and Expansion Package:

  • 3 Months of Coaching
  • 90-Minute Discovery Session Included
  • 11 Sessions

Enrichment Package:

  • 6 Months of Coaching
  • 90-Minute Discovery Session Included
  • 24 Sessions

Consulting Package:

  • Learn More About Your Financial or Entrepreneurial Goals
  • Discuss Timeframe
  • 1:1 Assistance
  • Frequency of Sessions are Mutually Decided

Additional Services:

Contact me for more information about booking workshops, groups, or speeches.

If you are interested in starting a Home Care Agency in Wisconsin and need assistance with the certification process, I can help.

Our Commitment Mission Statement

Enrichment Unlimited is dedicated to empowering you in taking steps toward unlocking your potential to live a more desired and fulfilled life. As a client, you will experience person-specific services that focuses on the areas in which you are wanting to nourish and nurture for growth and expansion.

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