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  1. I’m STILL in awe at the impact Shaunté has had on me in such a short amount of time! She was truly able to guide and give me perspectives to see things from a different lens. And not even necessarily a positive/negative lens, but a realistic lens that could truly help and benefit me to attain the goals that I have! I’ve been in therapy my whole life, and there’s no comparison to the resources, tools, and coping mechanisms you’re provided through Enrichment Unlimited. They not only help you attain your goals but more so elevate you to your vibration where YOU belong to continue to grow and gain not just your goals but to truly know your worth and the most important thing of all, loving all of yourself, flaws, and everything about you. I’m forever grateful! And I can say that Enrichment Unlimited and mainly Shaunte McCullum have impacted and changed my life in the greatest and best way, that now, the ONLY way I know how to live is truly my best life! Thank you, Enrichment Unlimited, and a HUGE thank you to Shaunte McCullum for being and embracing the gift that is you!

  2. Shaunte and the Enrichment Unlimited Life Coaching has been a life-altering experience! And through life coaching, I was able to really take a look at my life goals and aspirations in ways I’ve never have been able to do before. Shaunte was so professional it was astounding how comfortable and open she made each session feel. I looked forward to meeting every week just to tell her the small goals I accomplished that week because, the way Shaunte applauded you was so personal and awarding! You could tell life coaching really mattered to her, she wasn’t just in it for personal gain. I felt, she really was helping me help myself, and I learned a lot about myself through Endrichment Unlimited Life Coaching! I couldn’t be more grateful to Shaunte! I was able to reconnect with myself, and set a path for my future all thanks too Shaunte and Enrichment Unlimited Life Coaching sessions!

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