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At Enrichment Unlimited, I help you realize your potential, work on your limitations, and reach your goals through my coaching and consulting services. Sessions are done virtually or by phone.

Our Mission Statement

Enrichment Unlimited is dedicated to empowering you in taking steps toward unlocking your potential to live a more desired and fulfilled life. As a client, you will experience person-specific services that focuses on the areas in which you are wanting to nourish and nurture for growth and expansion.

Our Vision Statement

I envision Enrichment Unlimited as a partner in helping more and more individuals from all walks of life enhance their potential and resources to experience self-fulfillment.

Who We Are

Enrichment Unlimited was borne out of my passion and love for long-term care and the satisfaction I derived from helping others help themselves, empowering them, and seeing them reap results from their efforts.

My services are guided by my faith and the expertise I’ve gained throughout my career, as an Entrepreneur and a Life Coach. I am dedicated to assisting you with developing your own strategies, as I have, to grow and reach your goals. My expertise along with the techniques I’ve learned as a coach are now programs and packages that I offer to you so you can live an enriched life.

Regardless of what your background is or the motivations behind your need to better yourself, I believe we are all a ‘work-in-progress’, so you can rest assured that our sessions will be a partnership in which I will journey with you, uplift, and cheer you on as you achieve your desired outcomes. I will help you identify your goals, clarify what fulfills you, create a plan, and take the necessary steps feeling more fulfilled as an individual, professional, or entrepreneur.

Get to Know Your Enrichment Coach!

Shaunté McCullum

Shaunté McCullum, CLC

I’m Shaunté McCullum, Enrichment Coach, and owner of Enrichment Unlimited. I am also owner and CEO of Endearment Unlimited, a Home Care Agency. I am a Certified Life Coach with a bachelor’s degree in Behavioral and Social Science.

I first discovered my passion for people in 2013 while working as a Direct Support Professional for adults and seniors with cognitive and physical disabilities. From there I held various supervisor roles in the field until the start of my first business, Endearment Unlimited, in 2018.

Endearment Unlimited is a Certified Personal Care Agency that is owned and operated by me since 2018. My past professional experiences, knowledge, and love for the Long-Term Care field inspired me to strive for more while my faith in God gave me the courage to start my own Home Care Agency.

In 2021 I discovered another passion, helping others to enhance their lives through life coaching and consulting. This passion led my certification as a Life coach and the start of Enrichment Unlimited.

As an entrepreneur and Individual, I am constantly identifying new ways and areas that I can grow and expand in, and I invite you to do the same!

My services are person-specific to help enhance any aspect of your life. As your Enrichment Coach, I am dedicated to journeying with you as you take action to grow and expand your quality of life. As your consultant, I can guide you in the right direction toward achieving accomplishments that will have you feeling more fulfilled as an entrepreneur.

Put In The Work Today To Experience A More Fulfilled Tomorrow

I’m excited to help you on your journey and grow in this partnership as well. Why wait to get started on your quest for discovery, growth, and enrichment? To get started today, schedule a free Complimentary Session here.