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The distractions and routines of day-to-day life can make it more difficult for us to focus on our goals and aspirations. Soon enough, these can become so rigid in our lifestyle that they form into habits or obstacles. These barriers may cause us to miss opportunities that can lead to self-actualization.

This is where I can help. I offer coaching services to help you get clarity, organize your thoughts, unlock your hidden potential, take action, and be accountable to empower you to live a more fulfilled life.

Lack of fulfillment in one or more areas of your life can negatively impact the others. We will work together using an array of tools and techniques to identify the areas that you would like to focus on and get results. I can assist you in attaining your personal life, career, financial, or business goals.

Are You Ready To:

  • Identify areas, goals, and action steps to make changes
  • Identify what’s making you stuck and get unstuck
  • Take steps toward completing your project
  • Take steps to start or grow your business
  • Look deeper into your skills, talents, and interests to create a more purposeful life
  • Identify potential obstacles and help you work through them

Take the next steps of your journey with Enrichment Unlimited. Choose from our coaching service packages below. Payment Plans Available Upon Request.

Complimentary (Free) Session:

  • Brief Introductions
  • Q & A
  • Pricing
  • Setting Expectations
  • Discussing the Next Steps

Monthly Sessions:

  • 60-minute Discovery Session- $100 (One-Time Payment)
  • Life Coaching: $150 per session
  • Entrepreneur Coaching: $175 per session

Professional Discovery Package: $900

  • 60-minute Discovery Session (Free)
  • Short-Term Entrepreneur Coaching
  • 4.5 Hours of Coaching (6 Sessions)
  • Get Clear on goals and next steps
  • Discover New Possibilities for Fulfillment in Your Business

Growth and Expansion Package: $1,125

  • 60-minute Discovery Session (Free)
  • 3 Months of Coaching (3 Sessions per month)
  • 9 Sessions

Enrichment Package: $2,250

  • 60-minute Discovery Session (Free)
  • 6 Months of Coaching (3 Sessions per month)
  • 18 Sessions

Group Coaching:

  • Basic 2 Business- Contact Us For More Information or To Sign Up To Future Classes
  • Enrich U- Contact Us For More Information or To Sign Up To Future Classes

Dane County CLTS Coaching:

  • CLTS Families
  • Parenting: Set goals around Parenting your kiddo with disabilities that you want to achieve
  • Relationships: (Siblings/Kiddo/Parent): Set goals that can help improve your relationship with child/sibling with disabilities
  • Life: Set goals that can help improve the quality of life of the kiddo with disabilities
  • Financial: Set goals that can help the kiddo with disabilities learn/improve money management. Parents can set financial goals to help them improve their finances as they correlate to caring for their kiddo with disabilities.
  • Time Management: Parents can set goals to help them create/maintain balance or manage their and children’s schedules.

Put in the Work Today to experience a more Fulfilled Tomorrow

I’m excited to help you on your journey and grow in this partnership as well. Why wait to get started on your quest for discovery, growth, and enrichment? To get started today, schedule a free Complimentary Session here.